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Hey Hippies

I am Carmen, I Would Like to Welcome You...

…to the wonderful world of Hippie Chicks Swag Bus. We started with a Volkswagen bus and now we have a an entire website devoted to our swag. For the past year we went to 10 different “custom” shops here in Arizona and kept hearing the same bullshit promises… “Our stuff is the best” and every time we got our swag…it was CRAP, to say the least. So we bought our own equipment and took it on ourselves. Now we have the finest swag in the business. Check it out… you will love it as much as we do.

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Hey Hippies

I am Venus, I would like to tell you our story...

We started this company after overwhelming demand for swag. We spend a great deal of time designing and creating the best swag in the business. We spent over a thousand hours researching and attending conventions in order to find the best quality, T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies, Tote Bags, Back Packs, and Energy Gear.
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We have the coolest tote Bags in the business.
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Hey Hippies

Do you know Willy? or should i say... have you found Willy?

Willy is our Mascot… Actually we have one Guy that works for us and we call him Willy… lol. He still doesn’t know why… so Please don’t spoil it.  We tell him it is because he makes some of the chocolates, so he is our Willy Wonka… But us ladies know the real reason… lol.  So we made some stuff animals of Willy that we use for promotions, like our “Wheres Willy Contest” !!!  Be on the look out for him… he likes to Pop Up everywhere.

Let me tell you about our Flower Power Bong Water ...

“Flower Power” Bong water is our all natural formula that will liberate your glassware from the nasty residue of gunk and resin.  Our Flower Power Solution eliminates the hassle of cleaning your bong, rig, or bubbler and keeps your bong looking like a piece of art. In addition, Flower Power Water acts as a particulate filter, which makes for cleaner and much smoother hits. Try it today. You will be amazed at the results!

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