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…to the wonderful world of Hippie Chicks. Here you can learn everything you always wanted to know about Hemp, CBD and Cannabis. You can also safely purchase the best Organic Hemp Oil Products in the business. Each of our character girls are real people that we love, Please read their stories & check out the CBD products that they make by hand specially for you…

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Hey Hippies

I am Venus, I would like to tell you our story...

We started this company to help solve some serious safety problems with CBD edibles. We wanted to create a place that would give you the best information available, and give you access to the best organic CBD products that are hand made, lab tested and taste amazing. We want you to feel safe when you eat one of our products, and trust that it will be the same experience each and every time.

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The best tasting CBD tinctures in the business. Anything less than 750mg is a waste of money !!!

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Hey Hippies

Let me tell you about this amazing pain relief cream...

Coral invented this Burn Cream formula for women going through radiation treatment that worked so well the oncology Dr’s asked her to bottle it for them. The word spread into the sports world and now both Professional & Olympic athletes use it every day to help relieve the pain from the tremendous stress they endure. Now she has added 1000 mg’s of CBD to it !!!  Need we say more…

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